Technology for the Environment and the well-being of people

Innovation and clean technology for the environment and the well-being of people 

NANOHUB devices are developed solutions based on the employment of innovative nanomaterials for the energy efficiency and the environments’ quality, for people’s wellness and the food products’ protection and conservation.

These solutions are mainly implemented in the following applications fields:

  • Air treatment of indoor environments
  • Treatment of building surfaces and enclosures
  • Food preservation
  • Water treatment


THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID19  In the medical emergency given from the diffusion of Covid-19, research was concentrated on the realization of a new filter/ filtering system composed of a metal mesh photocatalytic reactor on which a tungsten trioxide based (WO3) photocatalyst has been placed, and of a fabric filter, which improves the filter effectiveness on bacterial and viral load.

This new patented filter was tested on the SARS-CoV-2 virus (responsible for Covid-19) by the Viral Pathogenesis and Biosecurity Unit of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. The test proved the effectiveness of the virus deactivation: In only 10 minutes the infective SARS-CoV-2 viral load was deactivated by 98%; in 20 minutes by over 99.8%. In 30 minutes, the virus was completely deactivated.


  • Photocatalytic Lamps – product already on the market and patented by NANOHUB.
  • Devices for mechanical air treatment in confined spaces (centralized or stand-alone) such as plug in aspiration hoods and mechanical air treatment, and mechanical treatment stand-alone systems.
  • Surfaces treatment with tungsten trioxide based Photocatalyst (special paints)
  • Filters for the air treatment in means of transportation (buses, trains, special vehicles such as ambulances and refrigerated transport means)
  • Systems for the fruit and vegetable sector (in particular for the large-scale distribution sector)
  • Heat recovery e air renewal units for domestic environments

Numerous are the areas of benefit: hospitals, medical offices, elderly housing, domestic spaces, schools, offices, shops, large retailers, industrial and productive plants, and all the transport sector (trucks/trains/planes).

The collaboration with Universities, internal research and development activities on photocatalysts and on innovative materials, the partnerships established with different industries, the partners’ competences and the organizational and corporate structure enable NANOHUB to promote a continuous development model for innovative solutions and to reach relevant economic and financial targets.