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Nanohub International is the exclusive distributor of Nanohub products.
Based in Switzerland, Nanohub International distributes high end sanification devices for home, offices and vehicles in Switzerland, South Africa, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

Our purpose is to make an immediate impact on all medical, commercial and retail activities to reopen safely their doors to customers and employees by using HanoHub air sanitizers. 

The effectiveness of all our technologies has been rigorously tested and certified by leading research laboratories and university institutions against virus and bacteria, included:



NanoHub technology

The collaboration with Universities, internal research and development activities on photocatalysts and on innovative materials, the partnerships established with different industries, the partners’ competences and the organizational and corporate structure enable NanoHub to promote a continuous development model for innovative solutions and to reach relevant economic and financial targets.

Patented Kill the Virus (KtV) filter
The KtV filter, patented by NANOHUB, eliminates viruses and bacteria using the natural process of photocatalysis in which a substance, called photocatalyst, through the action of light (natural or artificial) accelerates a chemical reaction that destroys pathogenic substances.

The benefits of the KtV filter are:

Proven Effectiveness: Certified by SIMA and tested by San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Immediately destroys bacteria and viruses in the air

Economical: low energy consumption and easy maintenance; Only one cleaning of the dust filter with water is required every 2,000 hours of use

Safe: without the use of ozone, UV light or chemical, the KtV filter is not harmful to the health of people or animals

Sustainable: the KtV filter is long-lasting, it doesn't wear out and doesn't degree over time. It doesn't damage fabrics or materials

Clean: No toxic residues. Only a small amount of carbon dioxide and steam is released.

Continuous process: 24/7 with visible light on, not interruption is needed for extraordinary maintenance.