How to improve indoor air quality in our home and workplaces

Everyday pollutants can be introduced from outside on clothing or with a breeze. Other pollutants originate indoor from your pet or burnt elements at home.  

It’s very easy to generate air pollution inside our home or workplace. To get rid of impurities, it is important to act by following some basic strategies: 

  1. Open often the windows 

  2. Use the doormat at the entrance and adopt shoes-off policy 

  3. Vacuum and wash the floor and surfaces regularly 

  4. Groom and bath your pets, clean their beds

  5. Avoid covering up odours with aerosol spray, candles, incense

  6. Minimize carpeting

  7. Ban smoking and combustions (fireplaces, candles, cigarette, cigars, burnt cooking)

  8. Check rooms temperature and humidity (30–50% recommended humidity level) 

  9. Remove mold that can release allergy-causing substances

  10. Clean or change filters regularly

  11. Use natural & eco-friendly, unscented cleaning products

  12. Be aware of the furniture and building materials you buy

  13. Measure the level of radon 

  14. Invest in an air purification and sanitizer system